The Vickers Photographic Archive Postcards

The Dock Museum has produced a series of postcards to promote the Vickers Photographic Archive held by the Museum. The Archive contains over 9,000 original negatives, detailing work and life at the Barrow shipyard and engineering works, and has been made available in digital format both in the Museum and on the Museum's web site.
The postcards were designed by staff at The Dock Museum.
The eight Vickers Photographic Archive Postcards in this first series, each feature four images that represent selected categories from the Archive, including:
  • Around Barrow
  • Early Battleships
  • Early Submarines
  • Engineering
  • Field Armaments
  • Naval Armaments
  • P & O Liners
  • People & Animals
The postcards are on sale at the Museum or by Mail order priced at 30p each or £2.00 for the set of eight.
You can click on the images or links below for an enlarged view.

about barrow




"Around Barrow".





early battleships




"Early Battleships".





early submarines




"Early Submarines".














field armaments




"Field Armaments".





naval armaments




"Naval Armaments".





P and O liners




"P and O Liners".





people and animals




"People and Animals".






All artwork and images Copyright © Barrow Museum Service.

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