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The Dock Museum is run by Barrow Borough Council but we very much welcome your support in the work we do at the Dock Museum.

Volunteers and work placements help us with the front-of-house work and also looking after the collections.

Donations are also very welcome as we use it for our conservation work and fundraising campaigns.  Donations are paid into the museum's charitable trust, The Furness Maritime Trust.


Share your knowledge, develop new skills and meet new people.

Volunteers are welcome from all sections of the community: from students, those between jobs, retired or part-time workers.  If you wish to gain valuable work experience, develop your skills or use your time and talents for a worthwhile cause that will benefit the wider community we’d like to hear from you.

Send an email to explaining your experience and availability.

Making a donation

Donations are very welcome and we can accept donations here at the museum either in cash, through our donations box or at reception with a cheque.  We ask that cheques are made payable to Barrow Borough Council.

If you would like to discuss making a donation please email or phone the curator:

Sabine Skae:

01229 876400

If you would like to discuss donating an object to the Dock Museum please also contact the curator on the above contact details.

Many thanks

Current fundraising project

These are exciting times for The Dock Museum as we bid for National Lottery Heritage Fund backing to make our Shipyard Town project dream a reality.

What the museum wants to do is bring the story of Barrow’s shipbuilding heritage bang up to date, so the town can celebrate the amazing technological know-how and craftsmanship that goes on at BAE Systems in the building of state-of-the-art submarines.

An extensive consultation process has taken place over the last few months to get feedback on the Shipyard Town project and find out what the local community wants from their museum. The clear message from feedback is that the museum is a treasured community facility, but the general feeling is that it could do with modernising and updating the shipyard story.

And with the help of NLHF and our project partners BAE that’s what we hope to achieve.

The project plan is to upgrade the Shipbuilder’s gallery, build a new research room, and revamp the children’s learning zone and the museum’s entrance area. A Digitisation Officer will be hired to scan and archive thousands of shipyard images, which will be donated from the BAE Systems photographic collection. Also employed as part of the project will be an Education Officer, who will lead an education and skills project aimed at primary, secondary and further education students.

If you want to find out more please follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (#shipyardtown).

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