How to handle objects in the Loan Boxes

How to handle objects in the Loan Boxes

How to handle objects in the loans boxes

Please follow the guidelines below when handling the objects in this box as they are very old and may be easily broken. The objects are also irreplaceable and therefore damaging them will prevent others using them.


  • Treat all objects with respect and handle them with care.
  • Always hold objects with both hands.
  • Always support the full body and weight of the object.
  • Do not eat or drink when you are handling the objects.
  • Ensure hands are clean before touching the objects.
  • Ensure objects are replaced in the box in their packaging and that the heavier items are at the bottom.
  • Never pick up an object by its weak points.  E.g. Do not pick up objects by their handles. 
  • Never use pens or felts when handling the objects, if you need to make notes or drawings use a pencil. 
  • Remove jewellery such as rings, watches and necklaces which may scratch or chip objects.
  • Please report the loss or theft of an object to the museum immediately.  If an object is damaged do not try to repair it, but do ensure all the pieces are retained


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