Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


  1. Loans boxes are loaned out for a period of three weeks.  They are popular so we usually restrict loans to one three week period only.
  2. Loans boxes contain historic artefacts which need to be looked after properly.  The box will be checked when it comes back to make sure the objects are undamaged and wrapped securely.  In light of this, upon picking up and dropping off the loans boxes, please be prepared to wait a number of minutes whilst these procedures take place.
  3. One person must be responsible for the loans box whilst it is away from the museum.  It is important to note that private arrangements must not be made to loan out the box to another school or organisation.  The loans box must stay with the organisation or school that has the loan agreement with the museum.
  4. There are teachers' notes in every loans box which are designed to be used by both the teacher and the pupils.  They should also be returned with the objects.


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